The ultimate supplement for specific immune protection. Ideal for chronic inflammation, infection prevention and recovery. 

GPx Immune Protect® is a revolutionary breakthrough developed from years of clinical research that acts to boost your own natural production of a group of immune enhancing enzyme systems called the Glutathione Peroxidases (GPx), thio-redoxins and peroxy-redoxins along with their co-factor glutathione (GSH). These systems naturally support our optimum immune function and help the body to clear infections and oxidative stress. They are not your normal antioxidants and offer unique and superior protection due to their chemical specificity and reactivity. 

The supplement acts to rapidly boost your immune system and provide natural immunity and protection. Far more effective than NAC by itself, this combination works on all pathways of glutathione production, not just cysteine alone. Ideal for those wanting to fully protect themselves from viral infections or to recover post-infection or for use with chronic health issues.

    Dosage: take 2 capsules twice daily with water and food as a dietary supplement. Optimum defence occurs 6-12+ weeks with daily consumption.

    120 capsules

     Gluten Free - Vegan Caps - Natural Product - NZ Made - GMP Facility

    Ingredients: Organic bound Selenium, Cysteine-(equiv), Alpha Lipoic Acid, Glutamine, Calcium Ascorbate, Milk Thistle, Quercetin.

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