The Herbal Dispensary is home to an abundant herbal medicine dispensary and an extensive range of quality natural health supplements. 

Our qualified and experienced Naturopaths and Medical Herbalists are also available in-store for advice every day of the week. Depending on your situation, they are happy to make up a personalised herbal tonic for you whilst you wait, offer supplement suggestions, and answer any general dietary and lifestyle questions you may have. We also offer a full range of practitioner-only products and services as part of our unique approach to health & wellbeing. See The Clinic to find out more about our consultation services. Or Book Now.

In the dispensary you will also find our extensive range of therapeutic teas, tonics, creams, balms, and ointments, handmade in-store by our qualified Naturopaths & Medical Herbalists. Many of these recipes have been in use and highly regarded for over 20 years. Over the years, our practitioners have developed and expanded our range, continuing to serve the needs of our customers.