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YES WB in applicators offers a convenient, clean and hygienic way of delivering a suitable amount of lubrication deeper inside the body. Formulated from water-retaining plant polymers to rehydrate delicate tissues, yes is pH balanced to maintain the typical vaginal environment and combat thrush and irritation to provide intensely realistic lubrication. Highly effective in treating the symptoms of vaginal dryness and is condom compatible.

5mls of YES WB is dispensed in a sleek applicator tube with smooth contours, and an easy twist off closure. The soft clear gel will gently adhere to the walls of the vagina, imparting moisture to them, without any risk of embarrassing leakage.

Once in place, the presence of YES WB is hardly detectable as a lubricant, as it closely simulates natural lubrication. There is no betraying smell or taste, making it suitable for discreet use, if desired.

Expiry Date: 04/21

6x 5ml applicators.

  • Contains certified organic ingredients
  • Provides condom friendly lubrication
  • Formulated to reduce risk of allergies