Tailored Meal Plan

  • Are you wanting to change your eating habits but feel stuck in rut?

  • Do you know that your diet isn't the best for your health and wellbeing, but you find yourself without the time or inspiration to try something new?

  • Do you find when you go to the supermarket or grocery store you buy the same things over and over again but would like more variety in your meals? 

  • Would you like specific foods to support your gut health, menopausal symptoms, skin health or energy?

Then you will love our new tailored meal plan service! Personalised to your specific food preferences and intolerances by our qualified naturopaths, our tailored meal plan service will ensure you get what you need, without the stress. 

View a 3-day Sample Wholefoods Meal Plan here.

How to Start:

  1. Complete your purchase, choosing the duration of your meal plan. Select 'pick up in-store' as shipping option to avoid paying a shipping rate.
  2. Fill out this form which will be reviewed by one of our qualified naturopaths to enable them to create your own individualized meal plan. 

All meal plans come with the specified number of weeks worth of meals, recipes, and shopping lists. 

Prior to starting your meal plan, you'll be sent a questionnaire to allow our naturopaths and nutritionists to review your situation and create a meal plan tailored to you!

Our 8 week meal plan also includes a mid-way (4 week) complementary review.

  • Weight-loss meal plans.
  • Gut health meal plans.
  • Balanced blood sugar meal plans.
  • Vegan or plant-based meal plans.
  • Brain health meal plans.
  • Menopause support meal plans.
  • Intermittent fasting meal plans.
  • Or anything else you need! We can tailor it to your preferences and dietary requirements.

Download our 3-Day Sample Wholefoods Meal Plan here.


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