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Infused with the flavour and aroma extracted from the rinds of fresh lemons, this extra virgin olive oil has a delicious tangy flavour.

This lemon oil is perfect for adding a burst of flavour to enhance any dish. It’s delicate acidity enhances chicken and fish dishes or simply drizzle over a salad for the perfect dressing.

One of the top five olive growers in New Zealand, Simunovich Olive Estate produces over 19 tonnes of extra virgin olive oil per year. Eight different olive varieties are grown, including ones from Greece and Italy as well as a couple that have been grown in New Zealand for more than 180 years. The oil is processed in the on-site factory producing their award winning extra virgin olive oils as well as the growing Olive natural skincare ranges. That’s right, olive oil is not only delicious and good for you to eat, it also makes wonderful natural skincare. In addition to the estate’s olive oil, the skincare ranges include olive leaf extract. The results, a natural and effective skincare range.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Lemon oil. 


Product of New Zealand