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Sweet orange, patchouli, cinnamon, frankincense & horny goats weed.

At Raglan Soapery we strongly believe in the exploration of your sexual being, encouraging playfulness, openness and the confidence to learn yourself in all aspects- the dark, the light, the mental, the physical and the constant evolution of these. For this reason, we designed The Pleasure Seeker.  

Immerse your body in a lather designed to enrich your sexual being, to heighten your arousal and enhance your pleasure centres. Connect in to your body, let go of the mind and succumb to your sensual trance states before delving into your darkest sexual cravings or your most tender desires. The Pleasure Seeker contains an enriching blend of herbs with a vast range of therapeutic properties to enhance your sex life, centre your mind and nourish your skin.

With horny goats weed, sweet orange, patchouli, frankincense and cinnamon, we offer you the benefits of increased blood flow and heightened sexual desire, while both uplifting and calming your mind. In the same breath, these herbs are known to help tone, promote clarity and increase your skins radiance, for an enhanced sense of confidence and relaxation.

The Pleasure Seeker is perfect to help you slow down and ease nervous tension after a long or stressful day. Allow this bar to seduce you back into your body and the present moment, setting the mood for deep intimacy or exploration of your wildest fantasies.

Saponified oils of shea butter, sweet almond, cacao butter, horny goats weed infused olive, coconut & rice bran; Raglan distilled water; activated charcoal; red clay; pink clay; therapeutic grade essential oils of orange, patchouli, frankincense & cinnamon.