This tea has been blended to help you shape into summer. This pleasant tasting tea contains herbs that may increase metabolism, assist with fluid retention, soothe digestion & is high antioxidants & minerals. 

To make a herbal infusion, use 1-2 teaspoons of herb per cup. Place the herbal tea blend in an infuser, teapot or strainer and infuse for 5- 20 minutes, depending on taste. The longer you leave the tea to infuse the more medicinal it will be. Cover your cup while infusing to keep the goodness in. Can be sweetened with honey or raw sugar if liked.

50g or 100g of herb in resealable paper bag. 

Organic Green tea, Lemongrass, Red bush, Dandelion leaf, Liquorice, Yellow Dock, Ginger and Fenugreek.

Actual size/quantity received may vary slightly from photo, depending on size ordered.


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