Adrenals and Digestion

Licorice is a very versatile herb with many different actions. Licorice supports the adrenal glands which can get run down when the body is under a lot of stress. This makes it a great herb to take for adrenal fatigue, chronic fatigue syndrome and for both long and short term stress.

Licorice also has uses in the digestive tract for its healing and anti-inflammatory effects and can be useful for stomach ulcers, irritable bowel syndrome and reflux. In the respiratory system Licorice is nice and soothing and is great for sore throats and irritable coughs. It also has a mild expectorant and anti-viral effect. 

When drunk after meals, its naturally sweet flavour can help with sugar cravings. 

Caution: Not to be used if you have high blood pressure, without advice from your medical herbalist.

Use 1 teaspoon of herb per cup of boiling water. Place in a infuser, teapot or strainer & infuse for 3 -10 minutes, depending on taste.

Alternatively, to get maximum benefits you can make it into a decoction. Click on the link below to open our blog for instructions.

50g or 100g of herb in resealable paper bag. 

Organic Licorice Root. 

Actual size/quantity received may vary slightly from photo, depending on size ordered.


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