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Mamamuti’s first signature cacao creation - The Yin Blend is finally here! 

We add extra cacao butter and whole vanilla pods to the paste to create the Yin Blend. The added cacao butter makes it oh so creamy and increases the anti oxidant, fatty acid and mineral content. The pure vanilla turns on the comfort level! Vanilla has calming and neuroprotective effects, reduces startle reflexes and curbs sugar cravings. 

Making this blend is a slow and mindful process and can’t be rushed. The result is a deliciously comforting, nourishing and gentle full body and heart experience. All things beautifully feminine and nurturing. And did I mention extra extra extra creamy??

It’s truly artisanal and bespoke.

I share this cacao’s humble story with integrity so that you can connect & honour the origins and appreciate the delicate rich flavour when you savour it. 

Yin Cacao is genuinely pure and transparent in essence and embodies Mamamuti’s core values as a tiny ethically female driven business.

It will invite you to slow down and make love to your existence…every day, in the most decadent and full filling way.

Whether you wish to brew a warm ceremonial elixir, nibble on the paste straight from the packet, add it to your coffee, or create extraordinary cakes, desserts or homemade chocolate (recipes coming soon!) there are so many ways to enjoy, share and celebrate this blend daily.

Cacao paste, cacao butter, vanilla, presence & passion. 

250g or 500g bag.