Be honest, wouldn't you rather have a cookie for breakfast? Don't fret though - we've got your morning nutrition covered... or your afternoon pick me up... or maybe a cookie for dinner...? Do it! Activated nuts and seeds, omega-3 and protein rich hemp, chewy fruit, tasty coconut and oats - it's easy to see why this delicious cookie is also packed full of goodness. 

Good for You - This cookie has been handmade using simple wholefood ingredients with no added nonsense or compromise on taste - it's as good for your body as it is for your taste buds.

Good for the Earth - Nourishing food starts with healthy soil. By choosing only the best organic ingredients, our goal is to make a cookie that nourishes you while nurturing the earth. 

Compost Alert! 

Our cookie pouches are normally made from compostable materials, but due to a major material supply delay we have had to use conventional packaging for this packet. We will be switching back to our wonderful composting material for our very next print run.

1 Cookie. 70g.

Coconut*, Oats*, Almonds*, Sultana*, Coconut Sugar*, Flaxseed*, Pumpkin Seed*, Sunflower Seed*, Dried Apple*, Buckwheat*, Chia Seed*, Sesame Seed*, Hemp Seed*, Cinnamon*, Vanilla Extract*, Salt*  *Certified Organic Ingredients

Plant Based • Raw • Wheat Free • Organic Wholefoods • Activated Nuts and Seeds • Dairy Free • Nutrient Rich.

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