This box contains three individual crystals~ amethyst, citrine, and quartz.

Amethyst - a master crystal. The mother of all crystals, called the healer of all people, plants & animals. 

Protective, healing, purifying. Calms the mind and spirit.

Citrine is considered a powerful crystal for manifesting and abundance. Often used by business owners and placed near the till or in their work space. 

Light and happiness, financial abundance, positivity, lifting mood and spirit.

Clear quartz - a master crystal: used in almost every culture and age as it is believed to contain pure life force. Considered as a crystal for:

Forming positive new beginnings, attracting fresh energy, absorbing energy and cleansing your aura and inner chakra power centres.

Box size- 6cm W, 5cm L, 5cm H.

*Note~ each crystal geode varies slightly in shape and size, as they are each individual clusters 

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