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This bundle is perfect for blemished or acne prone skin. The Clear Skin Cream is formulated with antibacterial and healing herbs and essential oils to help reduce scarring, blemishes and breakouts. 

The Healing Blend is the perfect spot treatment for especially affected areas, with stronger antibacterial and antimicrobial herbal extracts. 

Choose either the Cleansing Oil Oily Skin or Sandalwood Cleanser to cleanse without stripping, which can cause more oil production.

Use the Facial Toner after cleansing and during the day to hydrate and gently tone with astringent witch hazel and soothing rose water. 

Clear Skin Cream: To use: After you have washed your skin with a cleanser, apply to affected areas 1-2 times daily or as needed.

Healing Blend: Apply to affected area 3-4 times daily or as required. 

Cleansing Oil Oily Skin: Apply cleansing oil to dry skin. Use a clean, warm, wet compress or flannel to remove. Repeat several times, rinsing the flannel as you go. 

Sandalwood Cleanser: With dry hands, apply to dry skin in a gentle circular motion. Wash off thoroughly with warm water. 

Facial Toner: Spritz onto skin before moisturizing, or whenever in need of a little extra hydration. 

1 x Clear Skin Cream 60g

1 x Healing Blend 60g

1 x Cleansing Oil Oily Skin 100mL OR 1 x Sandalwood Cleanser 60g

1x Facial Toner 100mL

    Clear Skin Cream: Herbal extracts of calendula, gotu kola, comfrey, rosehip oil, rose water, distilled witch hazel and essential oils of lavender, lemon, ylang ylang, manuka in a natural cream base.

    Healing Blend: Herbal extracts of kawakawa, coptis, echinacea, myrrh, calendula, manuka essential oil in a natural cream base.

    Cleansing Oil Oily Skin: Organic sunflower oil, castor oil, jojoba oil, essential oils of manuka, lemongrass & cedarwood.

    Sandalwood Cleanser: Sandalwood powder, essential oils of lime, ginger, and geranium, in a natural cleansing lotion base. 

    Facial Toner: Rose water hydrosol and witch hazel distillate. 


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