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Citronella - Uplifting. Depression, antibacterial, antiseptic, insecticide and deodorizer.


The Good Oil Company’s essential and vegetable oils are high quality, 100% pure
and unadulterated. They are best suited for use in aromatherapy treatments.
Aromatherapy is the application of these pure and natural oils with the purpose to
enhance our health. The blending of specific oils can assist with many medical problems as well as enhance wellbeing & lifestyle.

Essential oils are the pure oils derived from aromatic plants via a distillation process. Vegetable or carrier oils are cold pressed from the kernels, nuts, seeds and fruits of  plant. None of our products have been derived from genetically engineered sources. They have not been tested on animals either.

  • Our oils are 100% pure.
  • Our oils are GE Free.
  • Our oils are researched and tested.

Our essential and vegetable oils are sourced from all around the world. We understand that maintaining the quality and integrity of our products is important (to you our customers), and as such all oils are fully tested to ensure authenticity and the levels of active components are at peak levels.