Daily Self-Care Inspiration

Self-care is often the first thing that gets sacrificed when life is stressful, and people often think that taking time for themselves seems indulgent. But, looking after your own wellbeing will help you to better care for others, as when your cup is full it's much easier to give to others!

What is self-care?

Self-care refers to the activities and practices that we deliberately choose to engage in on a regular basis to maintain and enhance our health and wellbeing.

Self-care helps to prevent stress and anxiety.

By incorporating self-care activities into your regular routine, like going for a walk or socialising (virtually), you give your body and mind time to rest, reset, and rejuvenate, so you can avoid or reduce the symptoms of stress and anxiety.

Self-care makes you more effective.

When you take time for yourself and give your body the food, rest, and activity it needs, you may actually have more energy to meet the demands of daily life – however unusual they might be. Bringing more balance to your daily routine can support you to be more productive and more resilient to stressors.

Self-care isn’t selfish. It isn’t indulgent. Self-care is essential for your health and well-being.

We hope you find some inspiration from our self-care checklist, and please feel free to share these tips with those you love who may be in need of some more self-care at the moment.

Body Self-Care

  • Yoga/stretching/work out/daily activity
  • Drink more water (daily target = 30ml per kg body weight)
  • Take daily supplements (e.g. a high-quality multi, probiotics, fish oil)
  • Enjoy a glass of warm water upon waking to stimulate digestion (before coffee or tea!)
  • Turn on music and dance
  • Try a new recipe or bake your favourite dessert
  • Aim for at least 7–8 hours of quality sleep per night
  • Eat healthily / make good food

Soul Self-Care

  • Learn a new skill
  • Plan a bucket list trip
  • Call a friend
  • Laugh at something
  • Volunteer or give back
  • Connect with nature – take a walk in your neighbourhood, put your feet in the grass, spend time in your garden
  • Intentionally schedule ‘me time’ on your calendar/diary
  • Go to bed early
  • Spend time doing an activity that ‘fills your cup’

Mind Self-Care

  • Practice meditation/mindfulness
  • Daily journalling
  • Complete a puzzle
  • Daily/weekly digital detox
  • Take a 30-minute nap Identify your emotions
  • Talk a walk and appreciate your surroundings
  • Practice gratitude
  • Allow yourself to feel and express all of your feelings (in a safe and appropriate environment)
  • Feeling overwhelmed or low? Consider supporting yourself with a calming herbal tea or tonic to help with mood or feelings of worry

Sleep Self-Care

  • Limit caffeine after lunchtime
  • Increase your daily activity/exercise
  • Have an earlier dinner
  • Create a bedtime ritual
  • Do a 10-minute body scan technique to check in with each part of your body
  • Limit screen time before bed
  • Try to go to bed by/before 10 pm
  • Take magnesium or sleep-supporting herbs if you have a hard time going to sleep or staying asleep