Naturopathy is an approach to healthcare that is based upon the philosophy that the body has an inherent ability to heal and the wisdom to restore health and wellbeing, if barriers to healing are removed. 

Naturopaths work to identify and address underlying causes of ill health and disease (rather than merely suppressing symptoms), using safe and non-invasive methods, such as herbal medicine, nutritional supplements, and dietary and lifestyle interventions. 

Naturopathy is a holistic approach to healthcare, where all aspects of the individual are taken into consideration, such as mental, physical, emotional, genetic, spiritual, environmental, social, and so on. Health education, future disease prevention, and health promotion are also central themes. 

Herbal Medicine is utilised by Naturopaths and Medical Herbalists as a safe yet strong way to manage symptoms and address barriers to health. 

Around 40% of modern medicine prescriptions are derived from plants or synthesised compounds, even today! Herbal medicine uses these plants, and many more, as medicine in their whole form. Side effects are minimal, and it is suitable for all ages. All of our practitioners are degree-level trained in Herbal Medicine, ensuring safety in integration with any prescribed medications you may be taking. Herbal Medicine may be prescribed in the form of tinctures (liquid), tablets, teas, or creams. 

At the Nourish Health Clinic, our qualified Naturopaths and Medical Herbalists are passionate about offering you safe, complementary, and alternative healthcare. Ultimately, it is our goal to empower you in taking your health into your own hands, and facilitate optimum health and healing. No two people are the same, nor is their experience or manifestation of their concerns, thus we pride our practice on holistic, individualised care. 

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