New Zealand Karengo is unavailable due to the effects of the 2016 earthquake in Kaikoura, the only commercial harvesting area. The ban on local harvest is indefinite at this stage. We offer two high quality, imported alternatives to provide choice for our customers: Wild karengo, ethically harvested from South America and farmed Karengo from Korea (cultivated in a controlled environment).

Karengo is a pantry staple – used in soups, as a seasoning, in stir fries, salads – let your imagination run wild! It can taste like mushrooms, tea or anchovies, depending on how you prepare it. Eat it raw, gently roasted, stewed, fried. It contains the highest protein of any of the edible seaweeds and is rich in Vitamin Bx, C & E, B12. It has a good balance of minerals and trace elements + Omega 3 fatty acids.

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