Take the hassle out of gift shopping with our pre-made gift boxes & baskets.

Option 1 includes our Wellbeing Tea, Wellbeing Essential Oil Blend, multi-purpose Manuka & Kawakawa Ointment, and an adaptogenic Reishi Mushroom powder. 

Option 2 includes our Alert Mind Tea, first-aid essential Healing Blend Cream, body wash & shampoo bar (for men, or those who enjoy a 'cleaner' less floral scent, and a Bennetto Chocolate. 

Option 3 includes a mix of snack and gourmet foods; Olive Dukkah, Tamarind Chutney, Tamarillo Vinaigrette, Tropical Salsa, Organic Super Seed Blend, and a Bennetto Chocolate. 

Please leave a note during checkout if you would like us to include a personalised message from you. If you have chosen pickup, we will prepare this as a gift basket. If we are shipping your order, we will send it in one of our gift boxes. 

For more options, please see our $30, $50, & $100 baskets.

Or, if you would prefer a customised gift basket, you can choose your dollar value and provide specific instructions (e.g. age, gender, interests) upon checkout for us to create the perfect basket for your recipient! 

Otherwise, we also have gift vouchers available for both online or in-store, if you would like to give the gift of choice.


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