Follow up consultations are approximately 30 minutes in length and involve evaluation of your progress, reviewing your goals, and adjusting prescriptions and dietary and lifestyle modifications. During this time, care and consideration will be made for any changes in your concerns or circumstances.  

Your first follow up will typically be 2-4 weeks after your initial consultation. From then on, the frequency of follow up appointments is dependent on your individual needs, for example, your baseline state of health, the complexity of your concern(s), and your capacity for change.

A treatment period can be anything from 8 weeks to 6months or longer for more complicated concerns. Please note that all appointments are available in person, or via Skype, Zoom, or over the phone. 

Alena is available: Tuesdays and Sundays

Please add to cart to see what appointment times are available and to make a booking with your chosen consultant.

30 Minutes.

A full refund will be given if cancellations or changes are given with at least 24 hours notice. We look forward to joining you on a journey to optimum health and wellbeing, and guiding you in reaching your health goals.


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