Our fully qualified and registered Naturopaths & Medical Herbalists have a wealth of experience. We offer private consultations in clinic and online, either stand alone, or as part of a package. This is our speciality, we will work with you in a way that suits you, your lifestyle, and current circumstances. We will work with you at a pace that suits you and your lifestyle, taking into account budget, family & work commitments. 

Health can be complex, requiring multiple modalities of care. Your practitioner will take in to account any pre-existing medications or health conditions. We often work alongside other healthcare practitioners, providing integrative care. 

All of our practitioners are fully qualified and registered with the New Zealand Association of Medical Herbalists and/or Naturopaths and Medical Herbalists of New Zealand.

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Who may benefit from a Natural Health consultation?

Natural health-care is suitable for both acute and chronic health conditions. This may include, but is not limited to: 

  • Fatigue 
  • Gut Health: bloating, food intolerances, IBS, ulcerative colitis, Crohn's, Coeliac's
  • Hormonal Issues: thyroid, PCOS, PMS, endometriosis
  • Fertility: both male and female
  • Stress, anxiety, low mood
  • Skin complaints: acne, eczema and psoriasis
  • Future health and disease prevention, maintaining an already optimum state of health. 

Our individualised, holistic care is suitable for all ages and stages, including acute and chronic health conditions. Our practitioners are passionate about providing safe, science-based natural healthcare that is sustainable for you.

We believe that your health should be a priority. Due to the busy lifestyles that we lead these days, our personal health can sometimes be neglected. If you would like to take an active part in rebalancing your health and wellbeing, a consultation is a great place to start your journey to optimal health.


What to Expect

Private Consultations | 60 minutes 

Your initial consultation is used to gather information to clearly establish how we can help you to achieve optimum health.

Our aim is to address any underlying causes of your health concerns. This involves us taking a holistic look at your health, using our skills and training to gain a deep understanding of your health status.   

At the end of your consultation an evaluation is made, taking into account all factors that may be influencing your health. We will then develop an individualised treatment plan which may include herbal medicine, natural supplements, and dietary and lifestyle advice and functional testing if necessary.  We use the highest quality ‘practitioner only’ supplements, from leading, reputable companies that continue to clinically develop & research their ingredients ensuring maximum absorbability and effectiveness. 

Follow Up Consultations | 30 minutes

Follow up appointments are then scheduled at your preference, typically being 2-3 weeks apart. During which we evaluate your progress and work together to add to or adjust your plan/programme. 

A treatment period can be anything from 8 weeks to 6 months or longer for more complicated concerns.

Please note that all appointments are available in person, or via Skype, Zoom, or over the phone. 


Functional Testing

Our practitioners are also experienced in functional testing, including the GI360, DUTCH, SIBO, Food Antibody, and OATs tests. For more information on functional testing, see our blog post on the topic