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You can’t be your best if your heart isn’t pumping at its best.

By using the enzyme nattokinase, Natto-K is able to promote optimal circulation and cardiovascular health.* Natto-K helps maintain normal levels of blood clotting factors already within a healthy range, and promotes optimal circulation and cardiovascular health.*

  • Promotes healthy circulation*
  • Maintains normal clotting and bloodflow levels*
  • Promotes heart health*
  • Containing NSK-SD® formulated to enhance plasmin production*

Why do we need to maintain healthy levels of clotting agents?
One of the clotting agents in our body is called fibrin, and it works by circulating through the bloodstream and sticking to the walls of blood vessels. It is important for this process to stay in a normal and healthy range for effective circulation and cardiovascular health.

What is nattokinase?
Dr. Hiroyuki Sumi, a researcher for the Japan Ministry of Education, found that a part of the Japanese fermented soybean food known as natto exhibited strong fibrinolytic activity, meaning that it’s effective in breaking down fibrin. He named this enzyme nattokinase, and Dr. Sumi later commented that nattokinase showed “a potency matched by no other enzyme.” It works by enhancing the body’s ability to produce plasmin, which breaks down and helps the body regulate fibrin.*

Why are Natto-K’s enzymes better?
The enzymes in Natto-K includes a specialized blend of nattokinase with NSK-SD®, the only form of nattokinase that doesn’t contain vitamin K2, enhancing the body’s ability to regulate fibrin levels and promoting optimal circulation and cardiovascular health.*

    Take 1 capsule 3 times daily on an empty stomach, 1 hour before or 2 hours after a meal.

    30 caps